Initial Publication Date: March 31, 2023

GER Presentations at GSA

The GER Division regularly hosts sessions at GSA on methodologies and theoretical frameworks for GER. We encourage the sharing of those that have been used in GER, other DBER communities, and related fields like cognitive psychology. In an effort to disseminate the information shared more widely, below is the schedule with the presenter's contact information, and the slides if the presenter has shared them.

Session rationale: This session is in response to feedback provided by the members of the NAGT ­Geoscience Education Research (GER) Division. Members have indicated a strong desire to learn how to effectively utilize a variety of research methods to investigate questions about teaching and learning in the geosciences. Geoscience education researchers are incorporating research methods from other disciplines to study aspects of geoscience teaching and learning. This practice will continue and become more pervasive as the GER community evolves. These sessions focus on highlighting the methods and theoretical frameworks that come from multiple disciplines to shape GER. In particular, the presenters are encouraged to discuss their decision-making process in research studies that advance the field. The session welcomes new approaches and applications of established methods and frameworks.

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