Indiana University Virtual Geosciences Field Camp - Northern Rocky Mountains

Hosted by: Indiana University



The virtual, online version of Field Geology Fundamentals in Montana and Wyoming is designed to teach students field geology skills, thought processes and workflows without requiring them to actually go into the field. It is recommended for students who cannot or should not take a face-to-face course in the field for safety, health or life circumstances reasons.


4 credit hours

Application Deadline



Tuition - $1288.92 (Indiana resident); $2577.84 (non-Indiana resident)
Other course fees - $55

Other Important Information

This course is as academically rigorous as the IUGFS face-to-face field courses but does not pose the physical challenges and potential barriers. Most students who have taken this virtual course tell us they learned an immense amount about geologic mapping, geoscience interpretation, time management, and geoscience project management.

Contact Info

For more information, contact Erika Elswick ( or Meagan Need (