Preparing for an Academic Career Stipend

Thanks to generous donations from NAGT members and donors, this year's Preparing for an Academic Career workshop is currently able to offer stipends of $300 each to a limited number of graduate student participants to help offset costs of participating in the workshop.

Monetary awards will be disbursed following the workshop. In order to receive the award, recipients are required to register for the Rendezvous and complete the entire workshop and give a presentation at their home institution about their experience and report that activity to NAGT. Once the report is received, awards will be disbursed.

For those applying for additional monetary support to attend the Earth Educators' Rendezvous, the limit on the combined award from Earth Educators' Rendezvous/NAGT sources (e.g. participation in review camp, travel stipends, and other workshop support) is $500. Stipend applications are due April 11, 2022.

Please complete the form below to apply for a stipend. Click on SUBMIT to send this application. Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button before leaving this page or your information will be lost.

We will send the stipend award check to your home (not work) address, matching the address used for federal income tax information.