About the NAGT Webinar Series

1. Scope of the webinar (including themes)

The weekly NAGT webinar series features professional development and topical webinars for educational and instructional purposes. The webinars will address themes on improving teaching and learning, diversity, equity, and inclusion, engaging communities and society, implementing the NGSS, strengthening your department, and supporting geoscience education research.

2. Who the series serves

The comprehensive webinar series supports educators of all types including K-12, informal education, and higher education, who are interested in learning from experts and their peers to improve Earth education. Consider inviting your colleagues to attend.

In fulfilling its vision and mission, NAGT promotes, provides, expects and endorses a professional and respectful atmosphere and values a diversity of views and opinions at NAGT supported events and programs. All NAGT meetings and events participants are expected to abide by the NAGT Code of Conduct, which applies in all venues, events, and on-line forums associated with NAGT. Please read the full NAGT Code of Conduct Policy for details.

3. How the webinar series works

The weekly series covers of topics and themes in Earth education during one hour sessions. The webinars are interactive and provide opportunities for discussion. Registration is required to attend a webinar and registration forms are linked from the webinar series schedule and found on each webinar's respective webpage. The webinars will be recorded and available to watch at any time on the NAGT webinar series webpage and instructions on accessing a webinar are also available.

4. Relationship to On the Cutting Edge

The On the Cutting Edge (OCE) Professional Development Program developed a series of professional development programs for geoscience faculty to support high-quality undergraduate geoscience education. The OCE program was established in 2002 with NSF funding and changed geoscience education in the United States legitimizing discussions of teaching, improving teaching practices, and establishing a culture of information and resource sharing that underpins continuous improvement in undergraduate geoscience instruction.

SERC and NAGT now jointly lead the OCE Program and collaborate on the management and continued development and funding of the now branded NAGT's On the Cutting Edge program. NAGT has expertise in geoscience education research, student learning, and faculty professional development and an established leadership structure with capacity to identify and lead programming in response to community needs. NAGT's NAGT Professional Development Program Committee is responsible for the management of the professional development activities and the website content, including peer review of teaching activities. The committee determines workshop offerings, appoints workshop conveners, and creates committees to manage other activities. SERC possesses technology infrastructure and has expertise in strategies for implementation of professional development programming, development of websites through community contributions, and project management.