Request a Traveling Workshop

Please review the Workshop Synopsis (opens in a new window) and Workshop Themes (opens in a new window) before completing this request.

Use this form to apply to bring one of NAGT's Traveling Workshops to your department, institution, or program. Educational organizations of many kinds and degree-granting academic departments can apply on a range of workshop themes (opens in new window). If your request is accepted, you will work with the workshop facilitator(s) to develop the agenda for your workshop.

There are four request deadlines per academic year:

  • October 15 for Winter/Spring workshops, January 15 for Summer workshops, March 15 for Fall workshops, and June 15 for Fall/Winter workshops.

Submitters will be notified of the status of their request within approximately 3 weeks after each request deadline. Due to the time it takes to plan a workshop tailored to your needs, workshops should be scheduled two months or more after a request deadline.

What will it cost to host my workshop? The host institution is expected to provide leader travel, housing, meals, local ground transportation and any other on-site expenses (e.g., duplication of handouts) in addition to a $5,000 fee (leader honoraria, website and workspaces for your workshop, and program management costs) to NAGT. Additional costs typically are about $2,500, although these vary widely, so that a reasonable estimate for the total cost is around $7,500.

Note: You need to complete this form in one sitting. After finishing, please press the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If you leave this page before hitting Submit, any information you have entered will be lost. Consider composing responses to written questions in a word processor.

Expected audiences (check all that apply):

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Please answer one of the following two questions based on the workshop theme preference you indicated above.

By completing this request, we certify that if the Department/Program/Institution/Group is selected to host a workshop, we will meet the expectations outlined by the program for the type of workshop that we have requested.