Earth and Space Science in the NRC Framework


The National Research Council released the Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards on July 19, 2011. The Framework guided the writing of Next Generation Science Standards by Achieve, Inc in 2012. This page was developed as way for NAGT members to track the progress of the new standards.

Resources Related to the Framework and Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

The NGSS have been released! This webpage contains more information about the standards' development process.

NSTA Resources on the Framework and Standards

A Framework for K-12 Science Education

The National Academies Press has released the final version of the Framework which is available as a free PDF download on the NAP website. You can also order a printed version.

July 2011 Webinar

NAGT presented a 1-hour webinar on July 25, 2011 to help members learn more about Earth Science in the Framework, the motivations and decisions that underpinned the document, the next steps in developing the new standards, and the implications for K-12 Earth Science.

Click the image to play the screencast.
Dr. Michael Wysession (Professor of Earth and Planetary Science at Washington University) served as the Leader of the Earth and Space Design team advising the NRC on the Framework document. He also represented the Earth and Space Sciences in the writing of the Next Generation Science Standards at Achieve, Inc. In his presentation, Dr. Wysession discussed the process as of July 2011 and what lay ahead for standards development.

Dr. Wysession's slides (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 18.6MB Jul25 11) 
(also available as a PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 1.4MB Jul25 11))

Watch a Screencast (MP4 Video 90.1MB Aug15 11) of the presentation. 
(Comments and discussion can be viewed in a separate screencast (MP4 Video 21.8MB Aug15 11))