Initial Publication Date: July 9, 2020

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Important Online Rendezvous Updates

We are very much looking forward to seeing those who have registered for Online Rendezvous on July 13-17! A welcome email went out to registered participants earlier this week that included introductory information, as well as information about Sunday's Opening Reception. If you haven't yet registered for Online Rendezvous, there is still time! All participants are welcome to attend the Wednesday afternoon contributed program sessions, regardless of the number or which days they have registered for. Navigate to the sessions using the buttons at the top of the Contributed Program web page. All participants are also welcome to attend the Tuesday and Thursday plenary sessions, regardless of the number or which days they have registered for. Learn more about plenary sessions by Karletta Chief (University of Arizona) and Carl Wieman (Stanford University).

REMINDER: We will provide registrants with Zoom connection info via two methods: 1. through a daily email, and 2. posted on each event summary page. You can easily navigate to the event summary page from the Rendezvous Program Grid. In order to see the connection info on the event web pages, you will need to be logged in to your SERC account using the email address you had registered for the Rendezvous with. You can try it out on the bottom of the Opening Reception event page.

Check Out the AGI/NAGT Lab Manual "Tiny Videos" on YouTube

Geoscience educators face unique challenges teaching remote/online lab courses involving rock and mineral specimens. That's why AGI/NAGT Lab Manual editor Vince Cronin created "tiny videos" in an effort to make the Lab Manual more useable for remote/online/hybrid courses, as well as flipped lab courses, useable with both the 12th and 13th editions. Check out the "tiny videos" on the YouTube channel Cronin Geoscience Ed. All videos have an end page referring users to the current edition of the Lab Manual. All videos can be viewed usefully on a smartphone screen.

Apply for a Rendezvous Stipend from the Earth Education for Sustainable Societies (EESS) Project

The Earth Education for Sustainable Societies (EESS) project is offering up to 80 eligible 2020 Online Earth Educators' Rendezvous attendees $100 stipends in support of participation in Rendezvous activities (workshops, panels, etc.) that align with the vision of EESS. To apply for the stipend, attendees must submit a short statement (1-3 sentences) of how your participation in a particular workshop or other event will help you build momentum toward earth education for sustainable societies in alignment with that vision. In the case of more than 80 applicants, stipends will be awarded in order of application. Apply by July 12, 2020.

Participate in Project EDDIE Research Study Measuring Post-secondary Science Instructors' Epistemic Approach

Biology, ecology, and geology faculty are invited to to complete a Project EDDIE research study survey seeking to validate a survey instrument that is designed to measure post-secondary science instructors' epistemic approach to teaching science. Participation involves completing a draft of the Post-Secondary Pedagogy of Science Teaching Test (PS-POSTT), asking for responses to several science teaching scenarios. Responses will be used to refine the instrument. Participation is expected to take between 25-30 minutes. To thank participants for their time completing the survey, at the end of the survey, participants will have the option of entering a drawing for one of three $100 prizes that will be distributed. Follow this link to complete the survey.

Partner with AGU to Help Promote Diversity Within Geoscience Graduate Programs

The AGU Bridge Program seeks to partner with academic institutions across the country to recruit and retain unrepresented students. Bridge Partners gain access to the growing database of AGU Bridge student applications, become a part of a community of other institutions engaged in holistic admission practices, and gain the ability to promote diversity within geosciences graduate programs. Eligible applicants are those who have not applied to graduate school or who have applied but were not accepted. Accepted students are then eligible to receive professional development and mentorship opportunities. Students must also identify as African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native and/or Native Hawaiian. For more information, contact Pranoti Asher at Faculty are invited to apply on behalf of their department by October 15, 2020. To apply, visit the AGU Bridge Program website and click on the "Information for Faculty" tab to begin the application.

Help Shape the Vision and Priorities for STEM Education in the Future

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is holding an Idea Competition to generate contributions to the Symposium on Imagining the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education. Submit a statement or video addressing some aspect of the symposium's focus: What should undergraduate STEM education look like in 2040 and beyond to meet the needs of students, science, and society? What should we do now to prepare? Winning submissions will be highlighted at the symposium on November 12, 13, and 19, 2020 and featured on the National Academies website.

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Teaching Computation Online with MATLAB Workshop is Going Virtual!

October 11-13, 2020: The sixth annual Teaching Computation with MATLAB workshop is moving online! At this faculty-led workshop, educators in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geoscience, Math, Physics, and allied fields will develop MATLAB related curriculum while sharing strategies, tools, and challenges teaching computational courses in in-person and online settings. Workshop activities will feature: discussions on best practices for building computational thinking skills, sharing of effective educator-developed classroom activities, online tools for teaching and grading, opportunities to work in small groups on teaching activities and course design, and talks from MATLAB experts. Apply to participate in the online workshop by July 31, 2020.


July 31: MATLAB Workshop Applications

The sixth annual Teaching Computation Online with MATLAB workshop will be held fully online from October 11-13, 2020. Apply to participate by July 31, 2020.

Career Hub: Ongoing

The NAGT Career Hub allows institutions and organizations to advertise geoscience education related job openings, postdoctoral positions, internships, assistantships, and undergraduate research opportunities. All Career Hub postings are also featured in the NAGTNews e-newsletter and on NAGT's social media. Learn more about posting your opportunity to Career Hub.

Section and Division Highlights

GER Division

The GER division (spearheaded by graduate student liaison Zo Kreager) has come up with a GER/EER bingo game to help generate community! Tag @NAGTgeo using the hashtags #GERbingo, #EERbingo, and #EarthEER20.

TED Division

TED officers (Metlay, Hollister and Ellins) have an oral presentation during the 2020 Online EER Oral Sessions. Seeking Feedback on Proposed Geoscience Teacher Leaders Criteria will be held July 15 at 1:45pm PT | 2:45pm MT | 3:45pm CT | 4:45pm ET. We invite you to participate and help us move forward our proposed Geoscience Teacher Leader Standards.

NAGT members are welcome to participate in the next TED Executive Committee meeting on August 5 at 5:00pm ET. For meeting details, please contact Suzanne Metlay at

TED Newsletter during 2020 is taking the form of short monthly updates. Please send your news, photos, etc. to Post time-critical info on the TED Facebook page.

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Call for Submissions for Special Issue of Water

Contributions are invited for a special issue of the journal Water (ISSN 2073-4441) "Water Literacy and Education," focused on water education efforts to foster water literacy. Submissions should describe research on the design, implementation, and impact of innovative water education programs that support learners to develop understanding of core horological concepts and relationships between water and human activities. Such programs might include K-12 or postsecondary curricula or courses, outreach programs with youth or adults, preservice teacher education, and/or professional development with K-12 educators, informal educators, or postsecondary faculty, each of which may focus on education about some aspect(s) of natural and/or managed water systems. This is a wonderful opportunity for NAGT members to showcase their empirically-based water education programs. The submission deadline is May 13, 2020 August 21, 2020. Visit this site for more information or to submit a manuscript.

Announcing the Release of Climate Toolkit: A Resource Manual for Science and Action

The Climate Toolkit: A Resource Manual for Science and Action is available on-line through pdxScholar. Though originally written as a resource for undergraduate general studies courses in climate science by Portland State University instructor Frank Granshaw, it has been adapted to be used in a variety of academic and non-academic settings. The manual centers on a series of guided inquiry activities that help students and others make use of a variety of freely available online climate data viewers, interactive atlases, and simulators. It also provides basic information about the international climate process and other on-line resources.

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NAGT Career Hub

Do you need to advertise a position opening, event, or field trip? Submit your posting to the NAGT Career Hub!

Rock and Mineral Exchange

Available Samples

Petrology Samples

Ophiolite, Tertiary sedimentary, misc metamorphic

Desired Specimens

Precambrian chert. Stromatolites


Are you looking for new specimens for your collection? Do you have extra samples to share with colleagues? Post in the Rock and Mineral Exchange.


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