TED Earth Science Teacher Leader Award

Use this form to nominate an outstanding K-12 educator for NAGT TED's Earth Science Teacher Leader Award.

NAGT's Teacher Education Division has developed ten criteria to encourage and support K-12 educators to move from the role of teacher to that of teacher leader. This competitive annual award honors teachers who satisfy at least seven of the ten leadership criteria and recognizes them as Earth Science Teacher Leaders. Each qualified nominee will receive a certificate of recognition but only one nominee per year will earn the award.

This nomination form supports a two-step process:

  • First, the candidate is nominated by a colleague, administrator, or other person with knowledge of the candidate's qualifications using the form below. Self-nominations are allowed.
  • Second, the Earth Science Teacher Leader Award Committee will review entries and may request more supporting information from the nominee during the scoring period.

Acknowledgement and selection of awardee(s) will be made in the autumn of each award year by the selection committee. Award and recognition of nominees will be announced in the spring of each year.

Nomination deadline: April 1

Note: You need to fill out the form in one sitting. Leaving this page without hitting SUBMIT at the bottom will erase all of the data you have entered.

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This award recognizes the accomplishments of K-12 educators with an enduring commitment to Earth Science instruction and leadership. Emphasis is placed on: Implementation of the conceptual skills and practices laid out in the Next Generation Science Standards or equivalent state standards; Collaboration and mentorship within or across workplaces; and Demonstrated leadership in the Earth science education community.

Educators in the United States should be appropriately licensed or endorsed to teach in their state, or in the process of obtaining professional credentials. They may work in: public, private, or charter schools; afterschool programs; informal education venues such as science centers or science-focus summer camps; or homeschooling organizations that use state science standards. Educators outside the United States should provide explanation of equivalent professional credentials and workplace rigor.

To the person making the nomination: For each criteria please describe how the nominee has performed in addressing the criteria. Specific examples of the nominee's approaches, techniques or strategies, and success in addressing the criteria may improve the nominee's chances.

Earth Science Teacher Leader Standards

There are ten criteria as published here. Please address at least seven.

Please complete each relevant field. The following questions are guidelines only to describe valuable qualities for an awardee. It is not necessary to address each item. The more relevant information is provided to support the nomination, such as specific examples of a nominee's techniques or strategies, the stronger your nomination becomes. At elementary or middle school grade levels, an outstanding candidate may teach a variety of subjects so it is not necessary that the nominee teach Earth science exclusively.

Enter the text of your nomination in the following fields. Please provide information for each applicable item. You may upload supporting documents below as appropriate.

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