2017 Awardee - Katherine Ellins

Dr. Ellins began her career in oceanography as faculty at the University of Florida. She soon moved to a career outside the classroom, first as the US Ocean Drilling Program Science Coordinator and then at UT Austin, currently as Program Director in the Office of Outreach and Diversity at the Jackson School of Geosciences.

Katherine Ellins stands out for her dedication to building leaders in geoscience education, increasing diversity in our science, and encouraging excellence.

Dr. Ellins is known for producing high-quality, professional development programs for teachers in Texas and across the country. Her desire to build community, leadership, and knowledge among teachers about Earth science has provided extensive opportunities for teachers' professional growth and accomplishment. These programs have provided forward-thinking geoscience education to over 200 teachers who have touched tens of thousands of Hispanic students.

Her dedication to involving research scientists and national research projects e.g. EarthScope, CybershARE , OEDP, and IRIS, in her work creates a spirit of wonder in her students, provides inspiration to scientists who see their work having effect on teachers, and leverages our national investment in research programs. With a 2016 Fulbright award, Kathy extended her work to teachers in Jamaica, leveraging research networks and the products of her many collaborators, to help ensure the safety of citizens of a country affected by climate change and by the active tectonics of the region.