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Guidelines for NAGT Sections

(as stated in the NAGT Constitution)
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All section officers must be elected by vote of the section membership. Required offices are President and Treasurer. Other offices, such as Vice President, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor, may be established according to individual needs of the section. [SUGGESTIONS BELOW] All terms of office are one year unless otherwise specified in the Section By-Laws. The National President of NAGT may appoint an Acting President for a section if this office has become vacant for any reason and cannot be filled through normal channels. The Acting President shall serve only until an election can be held and a new President elected.

Each Section, as one of the requirements for a Section to be considered "active" and eligible for a dues rebate, must file an Annual Report for their Section for the October/November annual meeting.

Recommended Guidelines for Sectional Officers

(adopted by NAGT Council on October 26, 1998)



Vice President



Councilor (2 for each state is ideal)

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