Initial Publication Date: August 18, 2014

Rock specimens for trade

Harry A. Wagoner, Cuyuna Rock Gem And Mineral Society

Description of Available Specimens

How many pieces are available: Large Collection

I have numerous specimens available:i.e Diabase, Ely Greenstone, BIF, Dunite, Olivine bombs, lamproite, wyomingite,scoria, basalt / with thomsonite, Dellenite - these are but to name a few. I am interested in rare (rarer) type rocks = essexite, maudupite, oceanite, Inwood marble,Fordham gneiss, Manhatten schist,Hawaiite, fenite, Sussexite, etc. I was a miner in the Picher field of Oklahoma in the late 1960's and I have select specimens of minerals from there.

Additional Information

I would like to trade specimens - shipping costs to be paid by the party who ships. I would consider individual requests from professional geologists or institutions. I live in northern Minnesota, zip code 56431.

Any size specimen would be welcome if I dont already have it but 2 in x 2 in or larger would be desirable. I have a large number of specimens available for trade, please let me know of your wants or interest. I traded mineral specimens world-wide for years and still have a fair amount available.Having been a miner in the Picher field, Oklahoma, I have select specimens of the minerals from that field. Please contact me if interested.