Share Information about your Organization

Organizations and institutions that are active in promoting and implementing the NGSS can use this form to share information about the educational resources they have to share with educators.

It is especially important to consider the resources that can be relevant to the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and/or the concepts and principles from the Framework for K-12 Science Education (Framework). Importantly, these initiatives are focused on college and career readiness (which makes all career-related information important), and also on public awareness (which makes general-knowledge resources important).

Please feel free to cut and paste from your organization's website where possible/allowed (e.g., mission statement), and to include as many direct URLs as possible, rather than depending on the reader finding the specific page from the organization's home page.

The collection of information that results from this effort will be most useful if you complete as much of the form as possible, but you need not complete all fields in order to submit the form and share your information. But please do focus your answers on Earth and space science, rather than all of NGSS.

You must complete this form in one sitting. Do not leave the page without clicking the SUBMIT button or the information you have entered will be lost. You may wish to compose your answers in a word processor before pasting them into the appropriate text area.

The Earth and Space Science portion of the NGSS consists of 3 main sections: Earth's Place in the Universe, Earth's Systems, & Earth and Human Activity. What resources related to these topical areas does the organization have that could be potentially useful in: