NASA Langley Research Center SD EPO

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Organization Mission

As an interdisciplinary team of educators, scientists, technology experts and communications specialists we collaborate with the education community to bring authentic Earth science practices and real-world data into the classroom.

We provide the public with unique NASA experiences, engaging activities, and advanced technology. Our products are developed and reviewed by science and education experts. Our goals include inspiring the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professionals and improving STEM literacy by providing innovative participation pathways for educators, students, and the public.

Key Initiatives


Focus Areas

Earth Science Education
Public Climate Awareness Outreach
STEM Literacy
Professional Development

Resources for Implementing NGSS


Earth Science Lesson Plans, Activities, Interactive Websites, Citizen Scientist Projects, Professional Development Opportunities


Advocacy for Earth and Space Science

Earth Science Projects that Develop Climate Literacy through implementation of NGSS Based Lessons and Activities, Public Outreach Activities that Inform the Public Audience regarding Climate Science

Understanding the Nature of Science

Lessons and Activities Aligned with NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

Teacher Professional Development

Earth Science Professional Development Opportunities

Addressing Controversial Topics

Climate Change and Human Impacts on the Environment

Connecting Geoscience with Other Disciplines

STEM Literacy
GLOBE Elementary Story Books designed to promote Literacy Skills
Technology Skills

Information about Geoscience Careers

Career Fair Outreach Opportunities providing students and teachers with information regarding Earth Science Careers

Funding or Material Support for K12 Education

Earth Science Resources provided to the public and educational audiences

Other Relevant Resources