(Re)Designing your Course for Improved Student Learning

University of California San Diego

March 28, 2016
8:45 AM - 4:30 PM

This workshop will give you the opportunity to examine the way you teach a particular course. Perhaps you have been teaching the same course for years and want to modify it to incorporate more of what we know about how people learn. It could be that you are about to teach a new course for the first time. Or maybe you want or need to demonstrate more evidence for student learning in your course.

Over the course of the workshop, we will engage in a series of activities that will help you think about your course from the student learning perspective. You will learn about pedagogical techniques by engaging in them, not just by hearing about them. You will leave the workshop having begun to (re)design your course and with an action plan and resources for continuing the process.

Registration Deadline: March 22, 2016

Workshop Leaders

Karl Wirth, Macalester College
Sara Harris, University of British Columbia

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