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Geoscience Education Research Division (GER) Sponsorship Policy

GER Division Mission Statement

The Geoscience Education Research Division is committed to the promotion of high quality, scholarly research in geoscience education that improves teaching and learning in K-12, higher education, and informal learning environments.

The Division exists to:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, research methodology, resources, and concerns related to geoscience education research
  • Establish a network for those interested in engaging in scholarly research and/or in implementing those research findings in their teaching
  • Facilitate relationships between the geoscience education research community and the broader educational research community
  • Be an avenue for the recruitment or organization of research teams that can address specific questions or respond to RFPs
  • Facilitate professional development events to increase the capacity of geoscience education researchers at various stages of their careers
  • Connect geoscientists to geoscience education researchers to improve geoscience teaching and learning

Purpose of Sponsorship:

  • To enhance the visibility of Geoscience Education Research
  • To enhance collaboration between Geoscience Education Researchers and Geoscience Discipline Educators
  • To support the NAGT-GER division's mission or collaboration with other DBER disciplines.

Types of Activities that may receive sponsorship:

  • Sessions at professional meetings
  • Workshops
  • Other activities that meet the intended purpose of sponsorship

Criteria of Sponsorship:

  • Aligns with NAGT-GER division's mission

Requirements for Sponsorship:

  • Completion of the NAGT Sponsorship Application indicating sponsorship request from GER division
  • Approval by the NAGT-GER division leadership, conveyed by the division Treasurer/Conference Liaison in writing

Note: We respond to requests as soon as possible, but please submit your sponsorship request at least a couple of days prior to submission deadline to the conference, if possible.

What you can expect from the NAGT-GER division:

  • Advertisement of your activity/workshop/session in our division newsletter. If given sufficient time, the advertisement will be included in the next division newsletter.
  • Advertisement of your activity/workshop/session in communication to the NAGT-GER division prior to professional meeting (if applicable)
  • We will not provide financial support.