Initial Publication Date: August 30, 2022

Geoscience Two-Year College Division (Geo 2YC) Sponsorship Policy

Geo2YC Mission Statement

The mission of the Geo2YC division is to:

  • serve as a forum for exchanging ideas, concerns, and resources
  • establish a network of geoscience educators at two-year colleges and other institutions with shared interests
  • sponsor NAGT 2YC activities and make recommendations to the NAGT Council
  • support and coordinate research on 2YC geoscience education
  • advocate for 2YC geoscience education within NAGT and with other organizations.

The purpose of sponsorship:

  • To enhance the awareness and visibility of the Geo2YC Division
  • To endorse the value of the activity as it relates to the Geo2YC Division mission
  • To support collaborations within the NAGT divisions and geoscience education community

Types of activities that may receive sponsorship

  • Sessions at professional meetings
  • Workshops
  • Field trips

Criteria of Sponsorship

  • Activity must align with the mission of NAGT and Geo2YC Division.

Requirements for Sponsorship

  • Completion of the NAGT Session Sponsorship Request form if requesting session or workshop sponsorship
  • Approval by the NAGT-Geo2YC division leadership and conveyed by the 2YC Division Secretary/Treasurer in writing.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Advertisement of your activity in the Geo2YC newsletter and emails to division members
  • Please note that sponsorship does not include financial and/or material support.