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Individual Subscriptions

Become an NAGT member today to receive immediate online access to the Journal of Geoscience Education. Print copies of the Journal of Geoscience Education are available for an additional fee. To become a member, or to get additional information on student, international or the many other membership categories available, please see the membership page on the NAGT website. Please join now!

New members/subscribers paying before September 1st will receive all previously distributed JGE issues from that year, either in electronic or print form, depending on membership category. After September 1st, new members/subscribers will receive their first issue in February of the following calendar year.

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional on-line subscriptions to the Journal of Geoscience Education for 2018 will be available for US$200 per year. A combined institutional subscription including both print and on-line access is available to domestic institutions within the US and to international institutions for US$230 per year. For additional information concerning institutional subscriptions to the Journal of Geoscience Education please click on this link to take you our publisher's website, Taylor & Francis Journal of Geoscience Education Subscriptions.

Claims for Unreceived Issues

NAGT will replace, at no cost, Journal of Geoscience Education back issues in certain cases where we can identify a shipping error. Currently, we are able to honor requests received within six months of the publication date (nine months for Australia and Asia). Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery (10-12 for addresses outside the United States). To submit a claim for an undelivered issue please contact:

Amy Collette
email: acollette at carleton dot edu
telephone: 507-222-4368

Back Issue Requests

2018 to Present:

Back issue requests are available through the Taylor and Francis website by filling out this form: or you can email Taylor and Francis directly at

2017 and prior years:

Back issues of the Journal of Geoscience Education are available for US$20 in the United States and US$25 outside of the United States. Most recent issues are in stock. There is limited stock available for issues released prior to 2003 so please contact the Executive Director's office before placing your order so that we may determine stock availability.

For back issue requests prior to 2011 please select the Volume and Issue number below to proceed with your pre-paid order. For back issue requests for issues published in 2011 or later please contact Amy Collette at acollette at carleton dot edu.

NAGT members and Journal of Geoscience Education subscribers can access Volumes 57 (2009), 58 (2010) and 59 (2011) at the Journal of Geoscience Education web page. Non-members and non-subscribers can purchase content from Volumes 57 (2009) and 58 (2010) as single articles at the same Journal of Geoscience Education web page. Thank you.