Initial Publication Date: July 9, 2022

Dorothy Stout Grant Recipients for 2021

LaChandra Hooper, Sheppard Air Force Base Elementary, Sheppard AFB, TX
LaChandra Hooper earned a B.S. in Communication from Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale and a Master's of Education: Curriculum and Instruction from California Coast University where she is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. The school teacher from Sheppard Air Force Base Elementary has taken the ideology of planting seeds literally and figuratively. Her vocation ensures that each student who crosses her path has the opportunity to observe the world around them as they learn about earth science with real world application. The Dorothy Stout Award will be used to introduce the water and plant cycle in a whole new perspective by incorporating a hydraulic gardening system that can be used indoors and outdoors.


Pamela Baker, Alma Bryant High School, Irvington, AL
Pamela Baker is a Marine Science, Earth Science, and Environmental Management teacher at Alma Bryant High School in Irvington, Alabama. She believes that students learn best when they are engaged in hands-on activities with real-world application. This grant will be used to purchase Earth Science lab kits to facilitate her teaching of meteorology, astronomy, and geology.



Alex Ullrich, Georgia State University - Perimeter College, Atlanta, GA
Alex is currently a Geology and Environmental Science instructor at Georgia State University - Perimeter College in Dunwoody, Georgia. He completed his undergraduate degree at Appalachian State University and graduate studies at the University of Florida, after which he spent time as a stunt performer at Walt Disney World and adjunct Geology instructor in Orlando, FL. Alex is enthusiastic about the outdoors and works to make earth sciences more accessible, active, and inclusive for his students. This award will be used in part to attend the 2021 NAGT Early Career Workshop, and to complete an augmented reality sandbox table for use with students in geology lab classes.