Dorothy Stout Grant Recipients for 2015

Melissa Hage, University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County, Baraboo, WI
The Dorothy Stout Professional Development grant will allow Melissa Hage to attend the 2015 Geological Society of America conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Melissa is in a unique situation in that she is the only member of her department on her campus, which limits her ability to interact and collaborate with fellow geoscientists. Melissa's attendance and participation at GSA will assist her in achieving her goals of remaining up-to-date on cutting edge scientific research related to her current field of study (Archean geochemistry and sedimentology). This grant will allow Melissa to update her professional knowledge, skills, and connections in order to better serve her broad spectrum of students and future science educators.

Angela Shankle, Dona Ana Community College, Las Cruces, NM
The Dorothy Stout Professional Development grant will allow Angela Shankle to fund an Epson DC-20 Document Camera, a specialized video camera and stand which can capture color images, photos, maps, and 3-D objects for projection onto a screen. This grant will allow Ms. Shankle to provide her students with more frequent and meaningful interaction with learning materials such as published maps, photos, and cross sections.

Robin Wilson, Emmett High School, Emmett, ID
The Dorothy Stout Professional Development grant will allow Robin Wilson to facilitate a 9-12th grade STEM research project involving a combination of field and laboratory research on climate change. This project will help rid students of misconceptions regarding climate change by increasing their awareness of how greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide emissions, and anthropogenic activities are correlated and connected with climate change. This grant will provide funding for the supplies and materials needed to undergo the labs.