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Hi all…

I am currently teaching a couple of climate science courses at PSU (OR) in which I have students work in groups to produce a poster and individual papers involving a climate topic of their choice. With the rapidly changing federal landscape and web presence, I’m concerned about students continuing to get access to data and information from the federal websites that are in danger of being overhauled with information that this administration considers to be safe. I am familiar with the data refuge projects that have been going on for some time now, but am only now learning what’s in them and how to connect up to them. During the next couple of days I am looking to create for the course websites a linked directory of major NOAA, DOE, and EPA climate education resources that have been archived by data refuge efforts. If any of you have already done this or know where it has been done, I’d definitely appreciate knowing about them.

Frank G.

Frank D. Granshaw PhD


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For those people who are not aware of the data refuge work that is being undertaken, here is a link to a recent article that came out on the subject: I personally have taken to making copies of information from useful websites on climate change just in case.


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Just want to stay in the loop here for more info. If I found no some new info I'll post here.


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Adding my name. Thanks for the article link, Beth.


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Thank you for setting up this discussion board.


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Adding my name. Thanks for this opportunity!


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Do a web search for "wayback machine." There are lots of archived web pages there. A webmaster told me about this a few years ago when I couldn't find a page I was looking for.


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Adding my name. Thanks for getting this started here.


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Please add me to the discussion as well. I teach geology at Front Range Community College, Fort Collins, CO with several section on climate and global change. I have heard of the data refuge project and have informed as many people as possible. One of my grad school colleagues is a climate scientist at a Polar Research Institute. They said they will probably lose their NSF funding, but of more import, is their ice core data and preserving it. Here is a link for some of the data refuge efforts through University of Penn.


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Thanks for the invite, and thanks for the article link, Beth.


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Joining the discussion, thank you for getting this going.


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It's happening--the EPA site has begun to change:



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Glad to see people are keeping track of the changes. Thanks for keeping us informed.


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Thanks folks who have been responding to my original email...

As a first step I'm creating on on-line resource directory for the climate courses that I'm teaching this term (W2017). It will have in it links for archived (2016) versions of climate related pages of government agencies. The list of agencies I have thus far are as follows. Only one has a link (thanks to Laura). Please let me know as you find others...

DOE / Department of Energy
EPA / Environmental Protection Agency - Archived (2016) version of the section on climate
NASA / National Atmospheric and Space Administration
NOAA / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
USFS / United State Forest Service
USGS / United States Geologic Survey


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