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Professional Development

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NAGT conducts a number of programs through its officers, sections, and volunteers ranging from awards and scholarships to internships and guest speakers. NAGT is also a sponsor of work by other groups of researchers and educators who are working on similar issues. See the Sponsored Programs page for more information about these outside groups and to request NAGT sponsorship of your efforts.


NAGT sponsors a number of professional development workshops for geoscience educators through collaborations with its sponsored projects. These workshops provide opportunities for faculty to learn more about pedagogy, to share their classroom experiences and materials, to explore new ways of engaging students, and to discuss what works in geoscience education broadly.

Traveling Workshops Program

The Traveling Workshops Program brings national leaders in geoscience education to your campus or regional event to help faculty improve their courses, or help strengthen entire departments.

Geoscience Teachers in Parks

The Geoscience Teachers-in-the-Parks program is an offshoot of the National Park Services Geoscientists-in-the-Parks program which places geoscientists in parks on a short-term basis to help park-specific research, education, and interpretative projects.

Sponsored Sessions and Events

The NAGT sponsors a number of sessions and events at various professional meetings across the country. Several of these have produced collections of valuable educational resources. Request to have NAGT sponsor your session or event.

NAGT Sponsored Programs

NAGT sponsors a number of activities and projects in geoscience education that forward its mission and goals. Learn more about how to request sponsorship.

Speakers and Topics

These faculty have given talks on various topics over the years. If you are looking for a geoscience speaker for your event, start here.

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