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Workshop Conveners

Kim Kastens (Education Development Center) (profile )
Ruth Krumhansl(Education Development Center) (profile)
Cheryl Peach(UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography) (profile)

Workshop Participants

Please note that this list has not been finalized.

Lisa Adams (Kennesaw State University) (profile)
Leilani Arthurs (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) (profile)
Chris Atchison (Georgia State University) (profile)
Christine Bagwell (University of California, San Diego) (profile)
Tom Baker (ESRI) (profile)
Chaitanya Baru(University of California, San Diego) (profile)
Reginald Blake(New York City College of Technology, of the City University of New York) (profile)
Karin Block(City College of New York) (profile)
James Brey (American Meteorological Society) (profile)
Donna Charlevoix(UNAVCO) (profile)
Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld(University of Illinois) (profile)
Annette DeCharon(University of Maine) (profile)
Steve Diggs(University of California, San Diego) (profile)
Bob Downs(Columbia University) (profile)
Bill Finzer(KCP Technologies) (profile)
Sean Fox(Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College) (profile)
Scott Glenn(Rutgers University) (profile)
Andrew Goodwillie(Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) (profile)
Margaret Hedstrom(University of Michigan) (profile)
Arjun Heimsath(Arizona State University) (profile)
Michael Hubenthal(Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) (profile)
Ed Hutchins (University of California San Diego) (profile )
Deborah Kilb (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) (profile)
Randy Kochevar(Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University) (profile)
Bob Krantz(Cononco-Phillips) (profile)
Daphne LaDue(University of Oklahoma) (profile)
Tamara Ledley (TERC) (profile)
Cathy Manduca(Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College) (profile)
Dave Mogk(Montana State University) (profile )
Raj Pandya(University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) (profile)
Sian Proctor(South Mountain Community College) (profile)
Barbara Ransom (National Science Foundation) (profile)
Don Reed (San Jose State University) (profile)
Leslie Reynolds Sautter(College of Charleston) (profile)
Jeffrey Ryan(University of South Florida) (profile)
Russ Schumacher(Colorado State University) (profile)
Kurt Schwehr(Google Ocean) (profile)
Tim Shipley(Temple University) (profile )
Sandra Swenson(John Jay College) (profile)
Basil Tikoff(University of Wisconsin) (profile )
Laura Wetzel(Eckerd College) (profile)
David Wunsch(Delaware Geological Survey) (profile)
Ken Yanow(Southwestern College) (profile)

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