Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2013

Posters and Associated Materials

Harpp, Karen (Colgate University, Hamilton, NY) Eruption column simulation trash can demonstration lab used in 200-level volcanology class at Colgate University. (Acrobat (PDF) 201kB Aug15 10)

Hausback Tephra lab poster Poster on Lab Correlation of Tephra's at Mount Saint Helen's
Hausback, Brian (California State University, Sacramento, CA)

House, Martha (Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA)

Physical Oceanography Field Experience at Pasadena City College: Introducing community college students to oceanography, data and the southern California coastline. (Acrobat (PDF) 16MB Aug15 10)

Kortz, Karen (Community College of Rhode Island, Lincoln, RI) Lecture Tutorials
McIlrath, Judy (University of South Florida, Tampa, FL) Poster: Geology of the National Parks, Quantitative Literacy, and the Natural Resource Challenge (Acrobat (PDF) 1MB Jul30 10) Instructor Supplemental Materials (PowerPoint 9.2MB Aug15 10)
Rodriguez, Lizzette (University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR) Poster: Volcanic Hazards Assignment: Development of hazard assessment maps and alert systems (PowerPoint 21.4MB Jul31 10)
Schwartz, Susan (University of California, Santa Cruz, CA) RESESS: A paid summer internship for underrepresented students in Earth Science.
Thomson, Jennifer (Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA) Poster: Student Field Experiences in the Pacific Northwest and Beyond (Acrobat (PDF) 1.4MB Jul29 10)
Wenner, Jennifer (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI) The Math You Need When You Need It