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Descriptive of focus, place and purpose.

Intended Audience:


State, County, City. We want people to be able to find what they are looking for based on location.


Description of field trip and its environs.


How long? How many people? What background is required?


Examples - Build regional networks. Teach fundamentals of petrology through regional examples. Demonstrate connections between faulting and metamorphism. Instruct participants in the use of questions on a field trip.


How was trip designed to meet the goals?

Notes and Tips:

Examples - Get a key to the gate. Get permission from property owner. Are there special safety concerns for this site or trip? Info for costs, financing, and logistics.

Assessment and Evaluation:

How can you determine if the goals are met?

Materials and Handouts:

Examples - Field Trip Guide(s), Locality descriptions, Maps. These can be links to pages, files, etc. Is there specific equipment that is necessary?


Papers and websites on science and pedagogy related to the field trip.