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What can the geoscience education community do to promote the vision of the Framework and NGSS?  

With respect to such things as:
Helping teachers and others understand the documents?
Helping teachers and others understand the connections between the documents?
Infusing the spirit of the Framework and NGSS across the geosciences and geoscience education?

What would resources and activities that address this look like?


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Maybe a common presentation from the geoscience perspective that can be given to boards, districts? Including the very important role of geosciences within the economy and jobs?


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I think that modeling the integration of the three domains - disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts - in the context of the geosciences is an excellent way to promote the vision of the Framework and NGSS. Geosciences, especially in the context of issues that are of local relevance, is a great topic to demonstrate that integration.


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