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In general, what can the geoscience education community do to take advantage of the opportunities and potential benefits offered by the Framework and NGSS with respect to Earth and Space Science?  

Such as with respect to:

Planning and taking action?
Operating in ways that are mutually supportive?
Enlisting the support of the broadest network of stakeholders possible?
Taking advantage of what has been learned by past initiatives?
Thinking about these opportunities and benefits in ways unlike how past initiatives have been approached?


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I'm not sure if this is the correct thread for this comment, but I'll toss it out there anyway.

As a high school Earth and Space Teacher I believe the geoscience community can assist at the local level to ensure that quality Earth Science education remains in our high schools. Boards of education will listen more to concerned parents than to teachers in the trenches. Otherwise the pipeline to fill the jobs of our retiring colleagues will be empty. Now more than ever we need students to consider careers in the geosciences to assist in remediating issues caused by poor industrial practices of the past as well as to identify sustainable actions to ensure our resources are around for the future.

Effective NGSS-related Earth and Space Science instruction in physics, chemistry and biology classes is not going to happen unless we ask our physics, chemistry, and biology teachers to participate in extensive professional development to prepare themselves to integrate these topics into their courses. Our physics, chem, and bio teachers already have a ton on their plate without adding to their curriculums.

The answer is to encourage full year Earth and Space Science courses at the high school level. Ideally these should be capstone classes where students come into the courses with a strong science background. This would be a way to ensure our pipeline is filled with enthusiastic students desiring a career in the geosciences.


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