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How can the geoscience education community help teachers be ready with skills and resources needed for the implementation of the Framework and NGSS?  

Such as with respect to:
Materials and resources other than curriculum materials that may be needed and/or useful?
Professional development other than what might be focused on instructional practice?
Adapting existing materials so that they can be used in NGSS-aligned instruction?

What would resources and activities to address this look like?


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First we need to know how to do that ourselves. Then we need to build capacity among leaders. I imagine that those districts where NGSS is being implemented have more capacity to implement NGSS in PCB than in Earth science. People need support and "get started" guides and lots of time and building blocks to build what needs to be built.


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Teachers generally do not have the skills required by the Science and Engineering Practices. Providing professional development that will help teachers learn those skills is important.


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