Ph.D. Position in Geoscience Education Research at Washington State University

published Nov 6, 2023 2:46pm

Project Description

Project Title: Advancing Mineralogy Knowledge and Practice

Looking to recruit a geoscience student (geology, environmental science, earth science etc.) to begin a doctoral level project in geoscience education at Washington State University. This project will involve the mastery of educational and cognitive science research using qualitative and quantitative methods to explore students' cognitive strategies for categorizing minerals. This project will also provide you with the opportunity to work with the PI and another earth science faculty member to develop new instructional materials for an earth materials course.

Preferred Background

  • M.S. in a geoscience field.
  • Experience, or a desire to learn, advanced statistical methods such and GLM, HLM, and PCA.
  • Experience, or a desire to learn, advanced qualitative methods and interview techniques such as think aloud interviewing and thematic content analysis.
  • Prior experience designing and conducting educational and psychological research, or any other types of advanced research methods.

Project Timeline and Funding

  • I am hoping to begin the project Fall of 2024.
  • This project will be fully supported through the combination of a teaching assistanceship and potentially a research assistanceship.

Project Contact

Dr. Michael Pelch