Opportunity to Serve as a Reviewer or Associate Editor for the Journal of Geoscience Education

published Sep 9, 2011 10:48am
NAGT's Journal of Geoscience Education is the primary peer-review publication for geoscience education research at the undergraduate and pre-college levels. High quality and efficient peer-review of submitted manuscripts depends in large part on the commitment of the geoscience education community to serve as reviewers and Associate Editors (AEs). We are currently seeking to fill several AE positions for JGE and are always in need of additional reviewers.

AEs generally serve a 3-year term, are responsible for identifying reviewers, and making recommendations for 8 to 10 manuscripts each year. To be an AE it is important to be familiar with the geoscience education literature, and have strong critical reading and time management skills, so that constructive comments on manuscripts can be conveyed to the authors in a timely manner. If you are interested in serving as an AE for JGE please email Kristen St. John at mailto:stjohnke@jmu.edu, and submit to her a brief description of your interests and background, and a short (1 to 2-page) CV. Those interested in being reviewers should also email Kristen with their interests and background, but a CV is not necessary.

Invitations for new Associate Editors will be made starting in October 2011. – Kristen St. John and Julie Libarkin