National IRB Rules Currently Under Revision: Open Comment Period NOW.

published Sep 9, 2011 10:55am
Research in geoscience education often involve some level of human subject research; for example, surveys, interviews, classroom testing. The rules regarding basic ethical principles guiding research with human subjects is called the "Common Rule", it is the foundation for all Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol decisions. No significant changes have been made to the Common Rule since 1991, however that is about to change. Proposed changes to the Common Rule are currently posted for comments from the research community - this includes the geoscience education research community. We encourage those that conduct research requiring IRB approval to share your opinions about the rules and the IRB process with the federal committee that will be make revisions to the Common Rule. The open comment period ends October 26, 2011. You can view the recommendations and related documents at; this site also contains a link to submit your comments. - Kristen St. John and Julie Libarkin