Contribute to ICON Earth and Space Science Education Commentaries

published Oct 1, 2021 1:43pm

Contribute to an Earth and Space Science Education Commentaries on open collaboration in the geosciences using ICON-FAIR Principles

All parts of Earth and Space Sciences have been invited to reflect on using ICON processes (integrated, coordinated, open, networked) processes and FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) to advance their field. A collection of commentaries reflecting on past work and future opportunities for using ICON will be published and freely available in the AGU open-access journal, Earth and Space. You are invited to participate in an open process to develop three 1000 word commentaries addressing ICON and Earth and Space Science education:

  • Topic A: the value of ICON approaches in improving the practice of geoscience education in formal and informal venues of all types (see for example Batchelor et al., 2021). This piece we think could illuminate the ICON like work that geoscience education is known for, as well as suggest critical new areas where the approach would be valuable, and/or propose modifications to improve how ICON is incorporated into geoscience education.
  • Topic B: the value of ICON approaches in Geoscience Education research. This piece could speak to the use of ICON in creating a thriving international GER community that crosses educational venues (primary, secondary, undergraduate, graduate, informal, adult learning)
  • Topic C: the value of ICON approaches in addressing JEDI in geoscience education. We believe that JEDI should be infused throughout the pieces but that it should also have a stand alone section.

To learn more or get involved visit: The development process will begin October 6, 2021 and be completed in February, 2022.