Authorship and Acknowledgements

Project Leadership and Framework Authorship

The Project Leadership team included Kristen St. John (PI; James Madison University), Kim Kastens (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary), Karen S. McNeal (Auburn University), and John R. McDaris (SERC at Carleton College). Working Group leaders included Kelsey Bitting (Northeastern University), Cinzia Cervato (Iowa State University), Kim Kastens (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory); Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary); Karen S. McNeal (Auburn University); Heather L. Petcovic (Western Michigan University); Eric J. Pyle (James Madison University), Eric M. Riggs, (Texas A&M University); Katherine Ryker (University of South Carolina), Steven Semken (Arizona State University), and Rachel Teasdale (California State University-Chico). Chapters on Project Development and Synthesis were written by Kristen St. John, with contributions from Project and Theme Group Leaders.

Theme chapters were written by working group leaders and members, with contributions from some external researchers, and edited by the project PI. Working Group members included Leilani Arthurs (University of Colorado at Boulder); Mary Beck (Valencia College); Prajukti Bhattacharyya (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater); Kelsey Bitting (Northeastern University); Rebecca Boger (CUNY Brooklyn College); James Brey (American Meteorological Society); Caitlin Callahan (Grand Valley State University); Jason Cervenec (Byrd Polar at The Ohio State University); LeeAnna Chapman (University of San Diego); Donna Charlevoix (UNAVCO); Kim Cheek (University of North Florida); Susan Conrad (Dutchess Community College); Robyn Dahl (Western Washington University); Andy Darling (Colorado State University); Ashlee Dere (University of Nebraska at Omaha); Don Duggan-Haas (Paleontological Research Institution); Cory Forbes (University of Nebraska at Lincoln); Anne Gold (University of Colorado at Boulder); Mariana Guereque (University of Texas at El Paso); Lauren Holder (Texas A & M University); Allison Jaeger (Temple University); Hari Kandel (SUNY College at Oneonta); Kaatje Kraft (Whatcom Community College); Zo Kreager (Northern Illinois University); Julie Libarkin (Michigan State University); Cathy Manduca (SERC at Carleton College); Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman (Pasadena City College); Amy Pallant (The Concord Consortium); Deana Pennington (University of Texas at El Paso); Nancy Price (Portland State University); Victor J. Ricchezza (University of South Florida); Hannah Scherer (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University); Jennifer Wiggen (North Carolina State University). Non-working group members, Tim Shipley (Temple University) and Jason Jones (University of North Carolina) are external researchers who also contributed to the writing of two respective Theme Chapters.


This project "A Framework for Transformative Geoscience Education Research" is funded by the National Science Foundation through grant DUE-1708228 to Kristen St. John (James Madison University).

The project leaders and authors are grateful to those educators and researchers who responded to the community survey, attended the webinar, and engaged in enlightening and productive conversations at the EER Forum, the GSA Townhall, and at the GSA, AGU, and AMS presentations. In addition, we are especially grateful to the following educators and researchers who reviewed and commented on draft Theme Chapters during the open comment period: Kelsey Bitting (Northeastern University); Rebecca Boger (CUNY Brooklyn College), Cinzia Cervato (Iowa State University), Scott Clark (University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire), Casey Davenport (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Ashlee Dere (University of Nebraska at Omaha), Glenn Dolphin (University of Calgary), Anne Egger (Central Washington University), Cory Forbes (University of Nebraska at Lincoln), Tanya Furman (Pennsylvania State University), William Gallus (Iowa State University), Emily Geraghty Ward (Rocky Mountain College), Anne Gold (University of Colorado at Boulder), Karen Hammerness (American Museum of Natural History), Sara Harris (University of British Columbia), Ellen Iverson (Carleton College), Jason Jones (North Carolina University), Kim Kastens (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), Trina Kilty (University of Wyoming), Rosamond Kinzler (American Museum of Natural History), Dawn Kopacz (Lyndon State College), Karen Kortz (Community College of Rhode Island), Nicole LaDue (Northern Illinois University), Juhong Liu (James Madison University), Laura Lukes (George Mason University), David McConnell (North Carolina University), Peggy McNeal (Towson University), David Mogk (Montana State University at Bozeman), Allison Mulvey, Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman (Pasadena City College), Carol Ormand (Carleton College), Eric Pyle (James Madison University), Kathy Quardokus Fisher (Florida International University), Eric Riggs (Texas A&M University), Paul Ruscher (Lane Community College), Jeff Ryan (University of South Florida at St. Petersburg), Tim Shipley (Temple University), Kristen St. John (James Madison University), Alison Stokes (University of Plymouth, UK), Rachel Teasdale (California State University at Chico), and Morgan Yarker (Yarker Consulting).