Applying a diverse range of perspectives to the issues

Sue Ebanks
Savannah State University
Sue C. Ebanks, Savannah State University
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published Apr 11, 2017 2:00pm
Students engaged in geoscience-related service learning at Savannah State welcome the opportunity to put what they have learned in their respective disciplines to action for the resolution of coastal hazards issues. The wide range of issues includes community communications for the sake of safety, awareness, and recovery in the event of a disaster (natural or anthropogenic). It also includes educating and taking action to improve the condition of (fresh) food deserts in neighboring areas. By including students that are trained in a range of disciplines (homeland security and emergency management, engineering, transportation, mass communications, education, environmental sciences, etc.), all at one discussion table, we are able to address issues in coastal hazards from scientific, social, economic, and numerous other angles.

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