Education Specialist - American Geosciences Institute

published Jul 20, 2021 1:48pm

Jul 20, 2021 - Aug 20, 2021

This position will make use of a combination of background and education in curriculum and instruction, informal education, and geoscience knowledge. This staff member will work on teams to create and facilitate education and outreach programs for K-12, general undergraduate, public audiences, among others.

A person who prefers a dynamic and varied work environment will thrive in AGI's Education and Outreach department as staff members undertake work on several projects simultaneously and with diverse teams that include AGI staff, consultants, representatives of partner organizations, and others.

Essential Functions:

- Contribute to the development of scientifically accurate and pedagogically sound materials and media that align with the geoscience education needs and interests of target audiences.
- Facilitate programs of varied length (e.g., short activities and events to day-long workshops and multi-day academies), in varies formats (e.g., in-person, virtual, hybrid), and in various settings (e.g., public schools, museums, natural environments, outdoor festivals).
- Communicate with stakeholder groups and organizations such as AGI member societies, public agencies, corporate partners, school systems, and potential/actual program participants.
- Adapt to changing demands.
- Actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, through demeanor and in communication with stakeholders (e.g., both domestically and internationally). 
- Represent AGI in a positive and outgoing manner to all stakeholders during program development and facilitation. 
- Manage workflows and/or take direction to use time and resources effectively and efficiently while making progress on several projects simultaneously.
- Maintain accurate and organized records of time spent, progress made, and outcomes achieved on different projects. 
- Assist with all program facilitation functions such as planning, organizing, shipping, set-up, operation, take-down, and storage of program materials, supplies, and equipment.

Other Duties:

- Collaborate with members of diverse project teams that include both AGI staff, partner organization representatives, and consultants.
- Adjust, update, and create relevant communications (e.g., social media, departmental webpages) as needed to promote and/or inform stakeholders about programs.
- Support other project team members through ongoing accurate and positive communication, working to deadlines, and following project parameters within work done independently.
- Recognize stakeholder needs and interests and creatively develop and/or modify programs to address those needs.
- Locate and engage with relevant information (e.g., websites, webinars, journal articles) about current and future trends that can affect program attributes, instructional techniques, and so on so as to maintain a knowledge base that contributes to innovative program design.

Work Environment & Physical Demands:

- The work environment for this position is highly varied. Some work will take place in an office setting while much work will take place virtually and/or in program venues such as schools, museums, and more or less natural outdoor settings.

- Some travel is required, which is reimbursed within AGI travel guidelines, such as travel to local venues, regional and national conferences, and other program locations. Travel may be done independently and/or with other staff and/or partner organization representatives.

- The ability to physically lift and maneuver materials, supplies, and equipment of up to approximately 30 lbs. is required.

- Physical stamina is required as programming often calls for extended periods in contact with program participants at conference booths, workshops, outdoor events, and so on, which may occur indoors or outdoors.

- Comfort with interacting and/or presenting (live and/or in recorded sessions) using varied forms of communication and platforms, including all virtual meeting formats, in-person meetings, correspondence, and others.

- Ability to write clearly to a specified length and on schedule in ways that communicate complex and sometimes technical information to a non-technical audience.

Required Education & Experience:

The ideal candidate will have a combination of formal education and/or documented experience of at least 8 years, in two key areas: 1) curriculum and instruction (e.g., K-12 teaching) and 2) geoscience (e.g., earth science, geology). The minimum 8 years of experience should include a combination of geoscience and/or education related experience and/or training/education. This combination may include being highly skilled in one of the two areas with a foundation in the other, as long as the candidate is willing to continue learning in both areas.

Curriculum and instruction knowledge includes awareness of current trends, techniques and standards in K-12 Earth science education, including the ability to independently draft lesson plans, units, and other instructional experiences for audiences in formal and informal settings, including audiences of mixed ages, abilities, and interests. AGI programming supports the principles in the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Geoscience knowledge includes breadth of knowledge of geoscience topics and technologies, as well as their applications in scientific and societal settings. While the emphasis in AGI programming is in various aspects of geology, programming may include such topics as soil science, meteorology, climate science, space science, and others. AGI programming takes approaches that emphasize systems thinking.

Facility with basic Microsoft Office software is required, including word processing (e.g., Microsoft Word), presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint), database software (e.g., Microsoft Excel), and the ability to learn procedures on new software including AGI's customer relations management (CRM) software, webpage development interface, and time management portal.

Preferred Education & Experience:

In-depth knowledge of and direct experience (e.g., as a teacher) with current K-12 curriculum standards in Earth and Space Science (especially the NGSS), instructional techniques and technologies, contemporary classroom practices, and curriculum materials.


In-depth knowledge of and direct experience with (e.g., in a field setting or geoscience-related data center) current geoscience trends, applications, techniques, and technologies such as geologic mapping, GIS, Lidar, and/or others, and related career opportunities in the geosciences.

Knowledge of several key stakeholder groups and/or individuals in either the K-12 Earth and Space Science education, higher education (especially with respect to geoscience for non-majors), community or the professional geoscience community.

Preferred master's degree in geoscience, a master's degree in an area of education or 10 years of progressive geoscience- or education related work experience.

AGI provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, mental or physical disability, or protected Veteran status.

Applicants can apply via Indeed, LinkedIn, or by sending their resume and cover letter to