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published Dec 3, 2013 11:48am
NAGT will have a presence at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting and there are all sorts of things going on around geoscience education. Come by the booth, even if you can't volunteer (see below), because that's going to be the place to meet other members and learn about things going on in the organization and at the meeting.

Topical Sessions

There is a vast array of education-related talks, posters, and sessions happening at this year's meeting. You can find a chronological listing of the education sessions at

We also have links to AGU page of student opportunities, InTeGrate events, the sessions included in each of this year's 6 SWIRLs for interdisciplinary science, and also a link to who usually puts together a great guide to climate science at the meeting in early December. In addition, a number of sessions were cosponsored by the Education division and there is a listing of these associated sessions as well.

Volunteer at the Booth

We are looking for members who are willing to volunteer an hour or two helping to staff the booth and talk about NAGT with people who coming looking for information about the organization, its activities, and geoscience education more generally. It's a great way to meet other members, interact with colleagues who are also interested in education, and maybe even learn something about NAGT that you don't already know! It's great fun and many hands make light work.

If you have some time and would like to help out, please email Krista Herbstrith ( in the Executive Director's office to get on the list of volunteers.

Connect Via Social Media

The last part of NAGT's presence at the meeting is brand new this year. Have you ever learned about something fun and interesting that happened at the meeting after the fact, or even after the meeting? Of course, you have. And by the same token, you've probably found out about something that you wish your colleagues and friends had known about but couldn't get word to them. This year, NAGT is going to try to make it easier to know what is going on all across this vast meeting by using social media. If you know of something that you think other geoscience educators should know about, just send out a tweet and include the hashtag #nagtatagu13. We'll be gathering all those tweets together on a page so that we can all benefit. I know there are a lot of tech savvy folks out there and if we all post things that we stumble across, then this could be the most rewarding meeting yet!