Education Sessions at 2011 AGU

published Jul 6, 2011 1:08pm

Dec 5, 2011 - Dec 9, 2011

NAGT is pleased to outline a variety of geoscience education sessions planned for the Fall 2010 AGU Meeting held in San Francisco, CA, from 5-9 December, 2011. Please submit an abstract and plan to attend the following sessions highlighting key issues of importance to geoscience educators at all levels. The deadline for submitting abstracts to the 2011 meeting is August 4, 2011.

Some highlights of the available sessions include:

  • Sessions on Climate Change Education
    • ED08 Climate Change Education: What Educational Research Reveals About Teaching and Learning About Climate Change
    • ED09: Climate Literacy: Addressing Barriers to Climate Literacy - What Does the Research Tell Us?
    • ED10: Climate Literacy: Evidence of Progress in Improving Climate Literacy
    • ED11: Climate Literacy: Higher Education Responding to Climate Change
    • ED12: Climate Literacy: Integrating Research and Education, Science & Solutions
    • ED13: Climate Literacy: New Approaches for Tackling Complex and Contentious Issues in Museums, Zoos and Aquariums
    • ED14: Climate Literacy: Pre-college Activities That Support Climate Science Careers and Climate Conscious Citizens
    • ED15: Climate Literacy: The Role of Belief, Trust and Values in Climate Change Science Education Efforts
    • ED50 Use of Place-Based Classroom, Service and Research Projects to Address Climate Change
  • Sessions for two-year college faculty
    • ED02 2-year College Collaborations -- Broadening Participation and Enhancing Geoscience Education
    • ED38 Research in the Two-year College Classroom
  • Sessions on Communication, Outreach, and Broader Impacts
    • ED04 Best Practices in Engaging Scientists in Education and Public Outreach
    • ED17 Communicating Research and its Impacts: Research Geoscientists
    • ED18 Community Based Science Outreach Activities
    • ED19 Creating meaningful Broader Impacts in K-12 education
    • ED32 Innovative Education, Outreach, and Communication (EOC) Activities by Early Career Scientists (ECS)
    • ED33 Lights, Camera, Action! Using Video to Communicate Science
    • ED39 Science Communication Courses: Giving the Next Generation of Scientists a Voice
    • ED42 Social Media in Geoscience Education and Outreach
    • ED53 We Need You! - Scientist and Expert Participation in Education and Public Outreach

There are many other sessions planned for the meeting so please check out the full listing at submit an abstract. Deadline for submission is August 4, 2011.