2018 Geo2YC Officer Elections

published May 15, 2018 1:51pm

It is time to vote for Geo2YC: Two-Year College Division of NAGT. The ballot includes Vice President and Newsletter Editor. Voting begins on May 30 and ends on July 1, 2018.

Officer Candidate Biographies

Vice President

Jacquelyn (Jackie) Hams is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Earth Science at Los Angeles Valley College, teaching Physical Geology, Introduction to Oceanography, Environmental Geology, and Planetary Science to many first generation college students. Jackie has a scientific background in environmental and subsurface investigations in terrestrial and marine environments and experience working as an environmental consultant and as a petroleum geologist. Jackie holds a Master's degree in Geology and enjoys sailing and outdoor photography. She has served as a NOAA "Teacher at Sea" and a PolarTREC explorer in the Aleutian Islands, Antarctica, and the Indian Ocean. Jackie served as Secretary/Treasurer on the Geological Society of America Geoscience Education Division Management Board from 2014-2017.

Newsletter Editor

Suzanne M. (Suki) Smaglik, M.Sc., teaches chemistry at Yakima Valley College in Washington. She continues to be active in science outreach and education. Suki enjoys helping others understand their environment, and the geologic history of their landscape, by leading both credit and non-credit regional field trips. Engaging 2YC students in undergraduate research, she continues her work on the microbial community in the hot springs of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Suki served on the NAGT Council for several years, recently completing a term as councilor-at-large. She is currently the temporary editor of the Geo2YC newsletter, Foundations, and is eager to continue for the next two years.