Workshop: Planning to achieve Q-MARE's educational goals

23 January, 2023, 14:00 – 16:00 GMT


Q-MARE scientists have the opportunity to support and promote an educational programme that helps students gain the skills and knowledge to engage in interdisciplinary scientific investigations to disentangle past climate and human-induced changes. In this workshop, participants will explore how other interdisciplinary research projects have approached this opportunity, set goals for their own work, and develop an action plan for moving forward.

Workshop goals

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Be aware of the types of resources that can be developed and are likely to be used at different educational levels;
  • Have a refined set of goals and outcomes for the Q-MARE educational programme
  • Have a plan for making progress on one or more of their goals


14:00 Introductions: me, NAGT, you

14:15   How have other projects approached education?

14:45   Challenges and opportunities: What does Q-MARE want to achieve?

  • Breakout room discussion (if >10 people) or whole-group discussion
    • What does Q-MARE offer for education that is unique?
    • Which educational level(s) should we focus on? (Where can Q-MARE have the biggest impact?)
    • What challenges are we likely to face?

15:15   Full group discussion: Refining goals

15:30   Small groups develop next steps for making progress

15:45  Report out from small groups and wrap up


Google Drive folder for workshop documents