My Name is Geoscience

My name is Geoscience, and from South World. I studied at the Diocesan College in Geoland to become a priest, but was encouraged by my grandfather to abandon priesthood and study geology. I studied geology at the University of South World and the Royal Geology College in North World. I was an advocate of the continental drift theory (the now famous plate tectonics theory) as a result of my work that supported several similarities between continents in the southern hemisphere. Have you heard about Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south of the then Pangea? Yea I am the Geoscience that modified my good friend, Wegener's Pangea hypothesis. However, my initial works faced a lot of resistance not because of my knowledge, but mostly because of where I worked from – South World, "a poor country with ill-equipped laboratories." Finding publishers and funding for my work was very hard as a result of this classism which continues to exist in the geosciences today. This made me lose my self-confidence as a scientist and person for that matter until I was luckily bailed by Drummond Matthews and Fred Vine (the work of these two were very instrumental in the acceptance of the plate tectonics theory in the 1950s).

Moral of story: Prejudging peoples' success, persistence and work in the geosciences still has the "which lab/university/college/high school/orientations/etc. are they coming from" syndrome, and continues to serve as barrier for several people who want to study our dynamic Earth and Space with us.