2023 TED Elections

published May 31, 2023 5:33pm

It is time to vote for the next cadre of leaders for TED: the Teacher Education Division of NAGT. The ballot includes President, Vice President, and Past President. Voting begins on June 1 and ends on July 1.

Officer Candidate Elections


Bridget Mulvey is an associate professor of science education at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. She earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia and a master's degree in geological sciences from Indiana University at Bloomington. She teaches courses in science education for preservice and inservice teachers. She taught middle school and high school earth science and environmental scienceand now teaches science methods in a teacher education program.Her teaching and research focus on science practices / inquiry, characteristics of scientific knowledge and inquiry, and using technology to support the doing of science and/or to promote science content understandings. Overall, she seeks to improve science teaching and learning for underrepresented groups with a focus on minority, female, and special education teachers and students.

Vice President

Daniel Capps is an associate professor of science education at the University of Georgia. His academic background is in geology, and he became interested in teaching and learning science while teaching introductory geology laboratories at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB). This interest prompted him to enroll in a teacher certification program at IUB after which he spent ten years teaching science in a variety of settings and levels, including in public and private schools in the US and internationally as a Peace Corps volunteer. These experiences spanned from kindergarten to adult education. Daniel obtained his doctorate in Learning, Teaching, and Social Policy from Cornell University where his research focused on designing teaching and learning experiences that would support teachers, and ultimately their students, in better understanding what science is and the different ways it is practiced. More recently, his research has focused on supporting learning through modeling and addressing the need to more effectively organize science teaching and learning around big ideas, or core concepts that run through disciplines.

Past President

Christopher Roemmele is an Associate Professor in the Earth and Space Sciences Department at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He teaches Science Methods to the Early Grades Prep and Middle Grades Prep majors, as well as Introductory Geology, and supervises student teachers. He has collaborated with Media faculty to develop a new Science and Communications course ("The Science and Media Connection") and a capstone course for Earth and Space Science majors, The Professional Geoscientist.  He received his PhD. from the Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Department at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, focusing on geoscience education. He received his Master's in Science Education from Kean University, and Bachelor's in Geoscience from Franklin and Marshall College. He has published in NSTA's Science Teacher and Science Scope, and NESTA's The Earth Scientist, and presented at GSA, NSTA, and NAGT conference meetings.  Christopher taught high school and middle school earth science for 15 years in New Jersey, during which time he was President of the New Jersey Earth Science Teachers Association.  Christopher's has created a series of demonstration videos and virtual field trips for use in geology courses and studies their influence on students' geologic worldview and understanding.  Other research interests include the utilization, development, and impact of the NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts on science teaching and student learning.