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September 2018

Which country has emitted the most CO2 over time? In other words, which nation bears the most responsibility for the greenhouse gases currently residing in the atmosphere? This question was contributed by the CLEAN Climate Literacy Quiz. Take the full quiz, or incorporate it into your teaching: click here.

[INCORRECT] No, China is the third-highest cumulative emitter, although at present China is emitting more greenhouse gases than any other nation
[CORRECT] Correct! The USA is responsible for 27% of the world's cumulative emissions from 1815-2011. Read a more in-depth explanation and further sources by viewing the CLEAN Climate Literacy Quiz, question 12.
Cumulative CO2 Emissions, 1850 - 2011 Image source: World Resources Institute. Read more about this study.
[INCORRECT]Nope, but they are the fourth-highest emitter.
[INCORRECT]No, but they are the second-highest emitter, so you are close.

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