Doctoral Research Assistant, Temple University, Starting Summer or Fall 2014

published Oct 8, 2013 11:16am
Position Announcement ‐ Graduate Research Assistantship
Temple University, College of Education
(1/2 time, 9‐month, 4 years)

Developing Critical Evaluation as a Scientific Habit of Mind:
Instructional Scaffolds for Secondary Earth and Space Sciences

We are looking for a doctoral student in science education to serve as a graduate research assistant on a new National Science Foundation‐funded research project. This project is targeted toward developing and testing graphics scaffolds—called model-evidence link (MEL) activities—designed to improve the scientific reasoning and scientific argumentation abilities of high school students. Our project will examine how students use these tools to construct scientifically accurate conceptions about major topics in earth and space sciences and deepen their abilities to be critically evaluative in the process of scientific inquiry.

The research assistant will be funded for 2 years through the NSF grant and 2 years of additional funding guaranteed by Temple University's College of Education. The final two years of the assistantship may involve teaching courses to undergraduate students.

We are looking for an individual who could begin graduate studies and work on the project starting in Summer or Fall 2014. This graduate research assistant will join a research team of two faculty members and assist these faculty members in developing
project materials, as well as in collection and analysis of data.
The position is a 9‐month, ½‐time assistantship (20 hours/week that includes salary and tuition for the fall and spring semesters). The position would begin Fall 2014, but with
summer funding available, the position may begin as early as Summer 2014 (subsequent summer funding is not guaranteed).

Temple University's Ph.D. in Education is designed to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the field of education and to build on the unique characteristics of Temple University, especially its status as an urban and diverse institution that emphasizes user-inspired, social justice‐oriented and community‐connected scholarship.

Required qualifications: admission to Temple University's College of Education doctoral program—mathematics and science education concentration area (see] for more details); excellent communication skills; ability to work in school settings and as a member of a team.

Preferred qualifications: experience teaching high school science, particularly Earth and space science.

If interested, please submit a letter of interest and a CV/resume to Dr. Doug Lombardi ( no later than Monday, October 21, 2013.