SERC Geoscience/Evaluation Assistant

published Sep 25, 2012 10:29am

The Science Education Resources Center (SERC) is accepting applications for a Geoscience/Evaluation Assistant. This full-time position works as part of the SERC team to develop new and improve existing websites, support professional development programming, maintain SERC collections, and assist in education research and evaluation projects.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities:

The geoscience/evaluation assistant works on the full scope of projects undertaken by SERC including website development, professional development, education research and evaluation. Working with other staff as well as collaborators, the assistant is called on to take responsibility for completion of projects at a variety of scales including:
  • Revise data collection and measurement tools (e.g., workshop forms, website analytics, interview protocols, surveys, observation protocols including usability testing)
  • Conduct or administer evaluation studies (focus groups, surveys, observations)
  • Critically analyze data (quantitative and/or qualitative) and document findings.
  • Work on web authoring and professional development projects covering topics within the geosciences, STEM, and education.
  • Support face-to-face and virtual workshops and meetings, including the development of workshop websites, use of the website during the workshop, and collection of materials at the workshop for the website.
Required Qualifications:
  • MS in geoscience or related field (including environmental studies, environmental economics or geography)
  • Strong interest in higher education.
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly communicate ideas, claims, and supporting argument in writing and in presentation – a writing sample will be requested
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, documentation and organization skills, including ability to interview educators and synthesize results; create well designed web pages that quickly convey the scope of content and its importance while drawing user into more complex information deeper in the site; to effectively edit submissions from a variety of sources to create cohesive products and to deliver professional presentations.
  • Ability to confidently interact with university faculty, scientists and other professionals while managing projects, guiding the work of individuals and leading workshop groups.
  • Comfort working with groups of workshop participants both during one-on-one virtual interactions and in large group face-to-face settings.
  • Demonstrated ability to independently complete project on schedule and to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to work independently on loosely defined tasks as well as in close cooperation with a tight-knit team.
  • Experience working with quantitative data, comfort with basic statistics and data visualization techniques, including developing graphs and figures that illustrate key features of the data set; willingness to grow in this area.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage and develop web content;
  • Knowledge of higher education and its culture, knowledge of effective practices and challenges in higher education.
  • Affinity for computer work, fluency with common commercial software products, and ability to quickly learn new computer operations, such as with SERC's content management system.
  • Teaching experience

Application Instructions

If interested, apply online at Please include a resume, cover letter, and the contact information for three references with your online application. Carleton College is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity.