Ocean Exploration Science & Engineering Internships

published Dec 17, 2019 11:50am

The Nautilus Science and Engineering Internship Program trains community college, undergraduate, and graduate students studying ocean sciences, technology, engineering and video in the at-sea environment. Intern positions entail 2-4 week periods working aboard E/V Nautilus as Data Loggers, Seafloor Mappers, ROV Pilots, or Video Engineers. All interns spend their time on Nautilus working with a wide array of scientists, engineers, students, and educators.

  • Ocean Science interns learn how to make scientific observations and process digital data and physical samples.
  • ROV Engineering interns learn to maintain and operate our 4,000m capable exploration vehicles and systems.
  • Video Engineering interns learn to operate cameras and video broadcast systems for our ROVs and work with our communications team to share our Nautilus story.
  • Seafloor Mapping interns learn to acquire and process multibeam bathymetry to reveal landscapes never seen before.

All interns gain experience in communications and leadership, including participating in educational outreach activities.

The Ocean Exploration Trust encourages a diverse pool of applicants including learners from traditionally underrepresented populations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, age, or handicap. All internships include a paid stipend for participation and travel to/from the expedition is provided with per diem.
The Science & Engineering Internship Program is open to individuals who hold a United States or Canadian passport. Applicants must plan to live in the United States or Canada for the duration of the expedition season (June - December 2020).

Learn more and Apply before January 24, 2020