Geology instructor, Santa Barbara City College

published Dec 19, 2016 9:13am
Santa Barbara City College is seeking a full-time tenure-track geology instructor. Our primary need is for someone to teach historical geology and to help teach our five-day and summer field courses. We also offer physical geology, environmental geology, oceanography, energy and natural resources, and a second-year curriculum for our geology associates degree, which includes mineralogy, petrology and a six-week long summer field course. SBCC is a student-oriented, teaching-focused institution with a minimum teaching load of fifteen units per semester. We have a national reputation as a superior community college and a regional reputation sending well-prepared students for transfer to geoscience programs at four-year institutions. The Earth and Planetary Sciences department is endowed with an extraordinary collection of fossils, minerals, and rocks, lab managing and field support, and five other full-time faculty members covering geology, geography, and astronomy. Application deadline: Feb 6, 2017. To see the complete job description and to apply, visit SBCC's job site at