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published Dec 18, 2013 4:10pm
RESESS is a summer internship program dedicated to increasing the diversity of students entering the geosciences. Based in Boulder, CO, the goal of the RESESS Internship program is to increase the number of students from minority groups that are underrepresented in the geosciences relative to their proportions in the general population.

RESESS encourages applications from individuals who are members of a group that is historically underrepresented in the Earth sciences, including students who are Black or African American, American Indian or Native Pacific Islanders, Hispanic or Latinos, and others.

The program introduces students to scientific research, prepares them for graduate school, and provides support and encouragement as they build skills and confidence. Students experience an authentic research experience and are encouraged to consider graduate school with an eye to a career in science, whether that is in research, teaching, or industry. Students can participate for up to three years, depending on when they enter the program.

Applications for the RESESS Program are due February 1 each year. For more information and application materials see the program website: