Opportunity to share your resources with K-12 Earth and space science educators this fall at NESTA events

published Oct 22, 2012 4:06pm
Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to alert you to the opportunities offered by NESTA to reach out to K-12 Earth and space science educators. Please consider participating, and circulate this message throughout your network of interested scientists and educators.

Thanks so much, and I hope to see you soon at one of our events!
Dr. Roberta Johnson
Clinical Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Science
University at Albany


Opportunity to present at NESTA Share-a-Thons at NSTA Area Conferences in Louisville (October 19), Atlanta (November 2), and Phoenix (December 7)

If you are planning to attend the NSTA Area Conferences this fall in Louisville, Atlanta, and/or Phoenix, we'd like to alert you to the opportunity to present at the NESTA Share-a-Thons at these conferences. NESTA's Share-a-Thons are scheduled on Friday at each of the conferences from 2 to 3 pm in the afternoon. Participation in these Share-a-Thons is a great way to get information out to a lot of teachers at the same time - Earth and space science teachers really enjoy these events, and they tend to be very well attended, compared to other sessions. If you are interested in participating, please fill out our presentation form online, and we'll be back in touch with you shortly with details about logistics. If you have any questions about the Share-a-Thons, please be in touch with NESTA's Share-a-Thon Coordinator, Michelle Harris, at michelle.harris@apsva.us . Our Share-a-Thons at Area Conferences typically draw between 50 to 100 participants, and we ask presenters to provide one or more handouts for teachers top pick up that explains the resources you are sharing. More information about our Share-a-Thons is available at http://www.nestanet.org/cms/content/conferences/nsta/shareathons. There is no fee to participate in our Share-a-Thons, although we appreciate donations to NESTA in support of our efforts, if you are so inclined!

Opportunity to get information about educational programs out to Earth and space science teachers through NESTA

Do you have information about your programs or resources that you would like to get out to Earth and space science teachers at the NSTA conferences this fall, but don't plan to attend yourself? If so, the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA) is happy to make your resources available at our events at the NSTA conferences. NESTA has multiple events, which are well attended by Earth and space science teachers, including our Share-a-Thon and our Rock and Mineral Raffle. To keep costs down, we take advantage of volunteer NESTA receivers who receive materials for us, and then bring them to the conference without any charges (rather than sending items to hotels or convention centers, which charge for receipt and delivery). If you have materials you would like to get to Earth and space science teachers attending our events, please send them to the receiver at the appropriate conference (see our Receiver page for their name and address) with a scheduled arrival date for your shipment no later than 1 week before event (all NESTA events at NSTA conferences this fall are on Friday) to ensure they make it to NSTA. Please limit the number of your resources to no more than 100 copies. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Roberta Johnson at rmjohnsn@nestanet.org.

Donate Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Specimens to Teachers!

Many geoscientists and geoscience educators have wonderful specimens of rocks, minerals, and fossils sitting around their homes or offices, and some might think its time to find a new home for these specimens. If so, please consider donating them to NESTA. NESTA offers multiple Rock and Mineral Raffles each year, including one at each of the upcoming NSTA conferences this year, which provide a great way of getting quality specimens out to teachers in a fun way. We recommend using Flat Rate Priority Boxes from the US Post Office for delivery, as price does not vary by weight. Please send specimens for the NSTA Area Conferences this fall to the appropriate receiver for the conference with a scheduled delivery date no later than 1 week before event (all NESTA events at NSTA conferences this fall are on Friday) to ensure they make it to NSTA. If you would like to donate a specimen for the National NSTA conference, to be held in San Antonio, Texas, in April, please send your specimens to our Rock and Mineral Raffle Co-Coordinator, Parker Pennington, at the following address:

Parker Pennington
5431 Pratt Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103-1496