Resources Related to the Development of New K-12 Science Standards

published Jan 6, 2012 9:28am
The National Research Council released the Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards on July 19, 2011. The Framework provides the mechanism which will guide the writing of Next Generation Science Standards by Achieve, Inc in 2012.

NAGT members can use the Education and Policy web page ( to track the progress of the creation of these new standards.

The page includes links to the Framework document itself as well as to the website where the public can track the development of the Standards. Interested community members can take part in the NAGT Science Literacy email list ( and Public Policy discussion board ( to discuss the process and outcomes.

There is also a webcast of a presentation by Dr. Michael Wysession, during a webinar sponsored by NAGT. Dr. Wysession is a professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University and served as the Leader of the Earth and Space Design team advising the NRC on the Framework document. He is now representing the Earth and Space Sciences in the writing of the Next Generation Science Standards at Achieve, Inc. In his presentation, Dr. Wysession focused on the importance of the Framework for geoscience and discussed the process for standards development.

In addition to the NAGT resources, you can also find resources from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). NSTA has published a number of reports and resources related to the Framework which can be accessed through the links available on the page.

NAGT remains committed to disseminating information about the process as it moves forward and providing ways for geoscience educators to be involved in shaping the best possible Next Generation Science Standards. And we extend our thanks to all the members who have been involved in the process thus far. For ongoing updates, be sure to join the Science Literacy email list.