Adaptation Examples in Higher Ed

published Aug 15, 2011 4:35pm

Second Nature in its role supporting the ACUPCC has convened a committee to evaluate higher education's role in adapting to climate disruption, and we are looking for examples of campuses addressing adaptation in various ways. If you know of any efforts of this kind happening - or plans in the works - on your campus or others, please email me at

The main short-term objective of the Committee is to develop a very brief white paper that provides an initial overview of higher education's role in adapting to the impacts of climate disruption -- in terms of campus operations and infrastructure, education and research on the topic, and in working with local communities in creating solutions.

This blog post provides a bit more background and a few examples of efforts we have come across to date:

We are looking for any and all relevant examples, but particularly those that relate to physical plant projects that are explicitly being driven by recent changes in climate, such as extreme weather events, flooding, drought, etc. outside the realm of historic norms.

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