Field Experience for Earth Science Teachers - Learn About Groundwater and Wells - Flagstaff, AZ

published Jun 7, 2011 3:00pm

This short course, designed to assist teachers in earning professional learning credit toward license renewal, affords you the opportunity to expand your understanding of hydrogeology and hydrology, and experience creative ways to engage your students in the study of Earth science.

Field experience-based educational programs offer the opportunity to experience applied science with professionals. The curriculum for this three-day program integrates your general science background into a solid foundation of hydrogeology and hydrology. You will:

  • Strengthen your individual knowledge in classroom sessions
  • Work with a variety of groundwater professionals as you shadow them in their real-life work experiences
  • Interact with both instructors and groundwater professionals to master hydrogeological exercises to engage your students and nurture their quest for scientific knowledge on many levels.

You will receive Discover a Watershed: The Colorado Educators Guide, science notebooks, course notes, and training in the use of groundwater flow models, which includes research-based suggestions for building foundational knowledge and ways to avoid perpetuating common misconceptions about all that we cannot see beneath our feet.

NGWA, Arizona Project WET (part of the University of Arizona), and Northern Arizona University, as well as practicing groundwater professionals are collaborating to provide this nontraditional, insightful, and memorable educational opportunity taking place in the shadow of the Grand Canyon.

During the course, participants will:

  • Conduct an aquifer (pumping) test
  • Observe the influence of surface water/groundwater interaction in actual field conditions
  • Identify geologic formations and recognize their capacity for groundwater production
  • Experience the drilling, construction, and development of a water supply well
  • Interact and confer with practicing groundwater professionals in real-world circumstances
  • Learn how to infuse 21st century learning, communication, and collaborative learning skills into classroom instruction
  • Deepen your content knowledge about the groundwater resource
  • Discover how to model the inquiry process using problem-solving and critical-thinking skills with local, regional, and national content

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